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  • We cater to High Net worth Individuals
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Who We Are?

Fort Bank INC is a private banking facility located in The Commonwealth of Dominica. A fully Compliant Jurisdiction which legal system is based on Common Law.

Client Confidentiality, Financial Compliance, and Customer Service are the top priorities for Fort Bank.

We are a group of banking experts who offer tailor-made services to suit every client's needs. We offer a host of offshore banking services to high net worth individuals looking for a secure premier banking experience.

Our easy and comprehensive account opening process will have your account open with-in three business days. This however, is dependable on how soon required documents are supplied. Our secure and easy to use Mobile App makes for Private Banking at your fingertips.

Fort Bank INC- Private Banking experience like none other.


 Off shore, allows you maximum privacy. Confidentiality, your funds always discreet and safe. At Fort Bank Inc you will feel at ease in being an advantageous place for savers and investors. A place full of opportunities where we always look for the client to feel that his funds are working for him.

 Innovative investment products and good performance, always balancing reliability and profitability. From Fort Bank Inc we offer our investment products looking for maximum efficiency and maximum security for our investors.

 Reduced commissions, always competitive. At Fort Bank we always think in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. We can offer reduced commissions because we also reduce our operating expenses to the maximum. Always thinking about the good of the client in a maximum security and profitability.

 Invest in investment products using the fortcoin crypto currency. We have an alliance with a currency crypto with a great future, with its own blockchain and with all the quality standards of a currency crypto.

Fort Bank Inc investment plans are offered with a very interesting and guaranteed return by the bank in Fortcoins. If you are thinking of investing,Fortcoins plans at Fort Bank Inc interest you for two reasons: high profitability and high revaluation power of the Fortcoin Crypto currency.


  • Confidentiality
  • Anonymity
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Reduction in Taxes

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